Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Things I Am Loving ~Hospital Life Addition~

Ah, hospital life. If you work in a hospital, you know what I mean. 

Many people ask me how I do it, how do I work night shift come home be a mom, wife, got to school and then do it all over again. The answer is I just do, with a lot of help from caffeine. I only work part time though and that helps but I do love what I do (most days) and I love the people I work with, so it all balances out one way or another...

Anyway, here are some of my favorite things I use at work to get me through the long hours of this crazy life we call hospital life.

~So first up is this amazing dry shampoo by Suave. There is nothing like the I just did a double shift and I look like it, look. Come up to our floor around 6am and you will see a bunch of oily hair, oily skin, smudged make up, stained scrubs...you get the picture. And some days when I get home there is no down time, I need to look like a presentable adult ASAP and that's why I love this stuff. Shake it up (shake good) and spray on your roots and rub in and it eats up that oil and actually adds some volume as well. It smells great to, which is always an added bonus when you work with smells like we do. This stuff is great for after work, and I even use it sometimes during work especially double shifts when the oil takes over. It's way cheap too! Find it at Target, go you will love it!
~Next up are these cute little nail files. They came to me in one of my beloved Birchboxes. I am always chipping nails at work so once I got these cuties I put them right in my work bag. They are small and fit right in my little make up bag thing I use a work and they are cute...sold. Patients ask for nail files a lot, and as long as they are not suicidal or crazy confused which would cause them to use said file as a weapon against me, or I don't know, try to eat it.... I hook them up with these. 
~This next one is a necessary evil. Our favorite pizza place, and I say favorite because it's the only one open at 3am, Sarpino's. I swear the ER people must think we are the biggest heffers ever (night shift food deliveries go through the ER) We don't do it thaaat often, but often enough, there is something so good about a pizza with yummy toppings at 3am. Sometimes it's the only thing that gets us through the night. The calzones are good too. Also I love that there is no guilt when we order a pizza on night shift. We run our asses off at night and we get hungry and we are going to eat that damn pizza and enjoy it! (I use to be so good about not eating on night shift, but now my body is so use it and I do get hungry in the middle of then night, especially when I worked the night before and slept most of the day).

~In a stunning turn of events, we actually had a patient that was happy and showed appreciation for all that we do and bought the floor a Keurig coffee maker. I had gotten one for Christmas so I already knew how wonderful the Keurig is, but let me tell you having one at work rocks. I keep my stash of k-cups in my locker or my make up bag. Those of us that use it like to share kcups with others, which is a great way to find new yummy kcups (my fav find so far has been blueberry coffee, soooo good!) and lets face it, the regular coffee, if not touched since pm shift, can get a little scary by 2am. 

~Everyone knows the best part of working in the hospital is going to work practically in your pajamas. BUT, not all scrubs are created equal. I have pretty much tried them all and can break them down for you. A comfy pair of scrubs and good shoes can make a huge difference. My favorites thought are Greys Anatomy and Med Couture. Greys Anatomy scrubs are super, super soft which I love. I also like their teal shade, its more subdue then others. Med Couture I think are my over all favs though. They are comfy, cute and have some shape to them so you don't look like a big box. They have coordinating shirts for under you top and they have awesome wetness protection that most other brands do not (I sweat a lot at work, gross I know, but when you running like crazy and gowned up in an isolation room, your gonna sweat). They are spendy but worth it, they hold up great. They finally came out with a real teal paired with my fave color, purple and a new top style that I have sitting in my basket waiting for pay day! (I have mint and a darker tealish color now cause that's as close to teal as I could get at the time) The only way I ever ruined a pair was by washing them with a gel pen in the pocket...opps. My runner up brand is Wonder Wink. The worst one I have tried is Dickies, they just don't work for me and they are so stiff and blah. I like Cherokee pants, but their tops make you look huge, wish they would fix that!

~Other must haves for me are a lip gloss or two, some of my PINK Fresh&Clean spray (by the way we know who is working just by the smell of the locker room when we walk in, it's kinda funny, we all have our identifiable smell) and good hand lotion cause you wash your hands a lot. I use my PINK lotion in Fresh & Clean or whatever is laying around that others have brought in. Good smells are important, if you work in healthcare you understand this, c-diff anyone?

That's all I can think of right now, so there you have it, my hospital must haves!

Monday, July 29, 2013

MIA Again...

I know, I know, I have been a bad blogger again. It's been hard to get back into the swing of things with everything else in life going on. The day after I posted last my summer class started and it was math, need I say more? Anyone who knows me, knows I don't do well with math and it was a horrible 7 weeks, but I am proud to say that I got through with score in the 80's and 90's (the class was Pass/Fail), it took a village of patient friends and a lot of late nights and my poor hubs who had to watch me through tantrums and all, but I did it! I have to take one more math class before I can take the one I need for nursing, probably won't take it till next summer since I plan on only taking A&P I and II fall/spring. I will be glad to get back to biology. I have one more torture class to get through other than math, and that's chemistry...yuck.

We had a fabulous 4th of July despite staying home this year instead of heading up to my families place in WI. We went last year, as we do every year, but it just wasn't the same with the rest of the family up there, so we stayed home and had a great day with our friends and their family. It was a good day with good food and friends.

After spending two hospital stays on my floor at work, Dad is doing well and has managed to stay out of the hospital for over a month now, the longest in the last year that he has been home. It's been a long year, even longer if you add in the chemo. We are just happy to be in this place of healing right now, last August we never thought we would be here. Big thank you to my co workers for taking extra special care of my Dad while he was on the floor, we all felt the love. 

I celebrated my birthday with my friends and family and a trip to D.C. with my Mom on my actual birthday. Had a lot of fun and I am forever thankful for those in my life right now. 

The day after my birthday Logan started 1st grade (year round school) it was bittersweet watching him get on the bus and head off to school. He has adjusted well to being at school all day and taking the bus. So proud of him.

So in the mix of all this craziness I had to have a "procedure" done, nothing serious, but it added in a teaspoon of annoying to my life for sure. All is well. 

So you would think with all of this going on I would put my projects on the back burner, but no, I can't do that. So we jumped in and started working on the back splash in the kitchen. It's almost done, we just have to do behind the stove. Which we were waiting the hubs to get done with his summer classes to do. I have been impatiently waiting, but now that our microwave died (oh yea our microwave and our a/c broke with in a day of each other, the a/c got fixed last Monday just in time for it to be fall in Chicago *eye roll*) we have to take the old one down and it will make getting the rest of the back splash on much easier. So you see something good did come out of the microwave breaking...

So this is what we have done so far...

I also did a chalkboard wall in the kitchen, we just need to find a piece of molding that can act as the ledge for the chalk and the eraser. Everyone has been having fun with it, especially when we have people over!

I have some more post ideas rolling in my head, maybe I will manage to get another one up today...

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Kitchen Cabinet Transformation!

So I have been wanting to change the color of our kitchen cabinets for some time now, but with other projects we wanted to get done and both of us back in school, this project got put on the back burner. So as soon as school got out for me I decided it was time to get going on this little project. 

I started my cabinet painting project on Pinterst of course. Lots of pins on painting kitchen cabinets, most involved sanding and stripping and ain't nobody got time for that. So through my researching I found this kit made by Rust-Oleum called Cabinet Transformations, which promised me that I wouldn't have to strip or sand and it was under $100...sold!

So I ordered the kit. 

I wanted to do pure white cabinets so that is the kit I ordered. The kit comes with a bottle of de-glosser and some pads to apply it with, two cans of the bond coat, two cans of the decorative glaze and applicator rag (this step is optional and we didn't use it) and a can of top coat.

So the first step of this should be to measure your cabinets to see how much square footage you need for coverage, I of course skipped this step, our kitchen is small and I figured it I needed more I would order another kit, but the one kit was plenty and I have a lot left over.

So next they tell you to make a sketch of your kitchen and assign all your drawers and doors a number so you know where they go. I am no artist so this is what my *official kitchen blueprint* looked like...

I labeled using masking tape. Then I started taking off the doors. I took all the hinges off as well and put each doors into a labeled baggy since some of them where different sizes. 

Once I got all the doors and drawers off my kitchen looked like this...

Of course they tell you to use painters tape and tape off edges and empty the cabinets but ain't nobody got time or space for that. I am pretty good with a paint brush and when I have to do edges I use a piece of paper held or taped up by the edges, works great and saves tons of time.

So the first step was to wash everything down with soap and water, once you do that you can start de-glossing. This step is important because it is what takes the place of the sanding and stripping. You apply the de-glosser with enclosed green pads and you have to really scrub away at everything. Once you de-gloss you wipe with a wet towel and then a dry one. Not gonna lie it takes awhile.

Once I was ready to apply the bond coat I started with the cabinet frames. It took two coats to cover.

Once I had the two coats on I applied the 4th step (remember we skipped step 3) which is the protective top coat. So before I started on the drawers and doors I had completed the cabinet frame.

Then it was time to get started on the door and drawers. They tell you to set up in your garage or basement, but I just through down towels on our table and used various pieces of cardboard to paint on. It looked something like this for a week.

Two coats of the bond again on front and back and then decorative glaze, it took about a week of working on it in between mommy duties and work.

I wanted to pure white look so we didn't do the decorative glaze step. It was a little to country looking for my taste, but this is the difference between using glaze and not.

We also decided to put on some hardware to enhance the transformation. So I headed to Menards and picked out some knobs and pulls to use, which actually cost almost as much as the kit did. If you do this and all ready have the hardware even better. I fell in love with these pulls and for knobs to match.

My wonderful husband put all the hardware on and installed all the doors back on for me. So ready for the before and afters? Here we go



Wow, right? I am beyond thrilled with the out come, they turned out great. My kitchen is so much brighter now too. All the work was totally worth it and I would recommend the Rust-Oleum system for sure. We paid about $75 for the kit, so new cabinets for under $100, not to bad.

Next up is the back splash looking at some DIY kits for that as well. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Post of Random Stuff I Am Digging Right Now...

So here is a bunch of random things I am totally digging right now...

~First of all, I love this song. How can it not put you in a good mood. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis-Can't Hold Us Listen to it, love it.

~Next I have a small obsession with statement jewelry, I don't know where it came from but I can't get enough. Bubble necklaces and animal bracelets galore over here.

~So this one is a little embarrassing  I was sitting on the couch one night exhausted from work and mommy duty and I was mindlessly watching QVC. Yes I know. Anyway this makeup segment came on by It Cosmetics about a full coverage foundation that goes on like powder. The lady took her make up off and she had horrible skin, like mine. Then she put some of this foundation on and bam, full coverage in like two seconds. I hate having to wear foundation, but lets face it, if I didn't I would scare people. I have horrible skin. I use Proactive and it keeps it kinda at bay, but I still have to wear make up. So I decided to take a chance and I ordered this pretty expensive foundation which came with a really nice brush with 88,000 hairs, it's way soft. Let me tell you, this stuff is great, I love it. It covers great I can wear it by its self or I can use it more as a powder.  It's called Celebration Foundation by  It Cosmetics.  I went with the light medium. Have problem skin that takes forever to cover up, give it a try you will love it!

~Blueberry coffee. Yes blueberry coffee. First introduced to me by my friend at work has now reached full blown obsession once I found it at the store and bought all of the boxes cause the sign said limited time only. You would think this would be gross, but let me tell you people, it is not. It has a very decadent flavor and it's subtle and awesome. We have a Keurig at work now so I always have a stash in my locker. Love it!

~Birchbox. After hearing about Birchbox from various peeps, I decided to finally check it out and see what all the hub bub was about. So I checked it out and signed up to start receiving my very own Birchbox full of samples (beauty, lifestyle, etc). Of course you have to sign up and then wait to get your approval email that you must respond to within so many hours or you lose your Birchbox subscription. See, they get you all excited waiting just for an email to be accepted, by the time your Birchbox arrives you are like a kid on Christmas morning. So my Birchbox finally arrives last week and yes it was like Christmas, couldn't wait to see what was in there. They did not disappoint either, they had me at lip plumping gloss. So yea totally addicted and I have only received one so far. Check it out!

~Salad pizza. Yep. It's delish, we get it at work all the time and I am obsessed.  Tastes so refreshing when you have been running your ass off all shift. A patient actually got us all started on this one. It's always a good day when there is salad pizza on the floor.

Time to get ready for work! Hope you enjoyed this addition of random stuff I dig.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Bad Blogger

Well here we are, almost a month since my last post, bad blogger. Hey I was busy finishing up my semester of school, which by the way I ended with a 4.0! I probably will never be able to say that again, so I'm going to brag about it while I can. My last two Bio tests I scored 105%, and 103% respectively  Yea I blew everyone's curve, I am that person.

So I guess I am gong to take math on-line over the summer. I have two math classes to knock out before I can take the one I actually need for the nursing program. I suck at math, it's not going to be fun. So I am enjoying my little break from school while I can.

Work is good, picking up some hours while I can. Kids are good. L is almost done with kindergarten!?! That went fast. He will start 1st grade in July (year round school) so that is ever weirder. 

We started out kitchen cabinet project today, a lot of people are interested in this Rust-Oleum system we are using so I will do a post and review it once we are done. For now here is the before pictures and the doors off picture. 

Also I will throw up a post about some stuff I am digging right now, maybe I'll get to it tonight even!

Sorry crappy cell phone picture couldn't find my camera

Monday, April 22, 2013

Current Obsession: Pinterest

I know I have blogged about my obsession with Pinterest before, well things have never gotten better. I still am obsessed with Pinterest. I have converted some people to the ways of Pinterest as well. I have so many ideas from Pinterest that I want to do, a lot them will have to wait until we are in a different house, but it's fun to plan. Love recipe ideas from Pinterest, love fashion ideas from Pinterest and lots of fun kid stuff to pin as well. Your not on Pinterest? Get over there and get started, once you get the hang of it you will be obsessed.

Some of my fav Pinterest inspired projects...

Super Hero Capes
Made from cheap t-shirts from Michaels

Stacked Flower Pots 
Super easy, just spray painted some pots and put upside down pots inside the bottom two to stack.

Easter Peeps Decor
Had the glass thing laying around just added Peeps

Lost Socks
Love this, its going to be apart of my laundry area redo, if I ever get to it, but this thing is great, we always have lost socks hanging on it.

The Time-Out Chair
Everyone loves this one, well except the kids :)
Ikea chair and timer and that's it!

Lego Table
Have you seen the price of a Lego table, forget it! $7 Ikea table and some Lego square things and done.

Hanging Art Area
Made this for the playroom, Ava also has one in her room (yes I spilled the green paint all over the baseboards and just left it)

Crayon Hearts
Picked up the molds at Target, took all our broken Crayons and chopped them up and then put them in a baked for a bit then let them cool and popped them out.

Mr & Mrs
My newest Pinterest inspired project. In the process of getting our new room together after the great room transition of 2013. So this awhile ago and kept in my to do file. Love it.
Letters from Michaels and some paint.

So there you have it some of my fav Pinterest inspired projects, so many pins so little time. I am sure I'll have more to share, stay tuned!